Conscious Sedation

We can help with moderate to severe anxiety.

For those who suffer of moderate to severe anxiety, there are ways to help get them through dental treatment comfortably.  One way is to give the patient a sedative pill an hour prior to the appointment whereby the person feels sleepy and relaxed.  This is called conscious sedation. During the sedation appointment, the patient is kept on a heart monitor.  It requires the patient to have a driver companion to escort them safely back home.

What can a patient expect during conscious sedation?

We always go over a patient’s medical history to ascertain that the patient is a good candidate for such sedation.  We do not promise that the patient will be asleep during treatment but rather very relaxed yet responsive.

Why doesn’t every dentist offer conscious sedation?

This is a procedure that requires special training and certification that must be kept up to date.  We are glad to offer this option to our patients who need that extra help in taking care of their dental needs.