Looking for a great dentist in the 77030 area? You’re in the correct place!

What makes us special?

Aside from the 25 years of experience, it is basically the degree of care and excellence that we demand of ourselves.  Good is not good enough.  It has to better.  If there was such a thing as perfection, we would strive for it.

We personalize your treatment.

Not every patient is the same.  We recognize and respect that.  We work around it.  Some patients are scared and probably for a reason.  We help them. Some patients have a small mouth that makes dental appointments difficult, or they have sensitive teeth that make them cringe with any air exposure.  With expert training, patience, compassion and technology, we get the job done.

We work with your specific situation.

Some patients cannot afford ideal treatment.  We do the ethical thing by presenting ideal care.  We then proceed to find out what the patient is capable of doing and tailor a plan that fits their budget but we make sure it will not compromise their health.

We consult with physicians when needed.

If there are any compromising medical conditions, I do not hesitate to contact the physician on the patient’s behalf in order to coordinate a plan to deliver care safely.