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New Patient Information

Your 1st Visit

We provide a comprehensive exam.

We're committed to providing a thorough and transparent dental care experience. Below is a guide to what you can expect during your appointment:

  1. Arrival: Our friendly staff will greet you and assist you in completing an informational packet.
  2. Consultation with Doctor: Our hygienist will consult with the doctor about the appropriate procedures for your visit.
  3. X-rays: After consulting with the doctor, the hygienist will proceed to take appropriate X-rays of your teeth.
  4. Gum Measurements: The hygienist will gather measurements of your gums to assess the status of your gum health or ‘Periodontal’ condition.
  5. Intra-Oral Photos: There will be intra-oral photos taken of any diseased areas with a specialized dental camera.
  6. Discussion of Findings: It is much clearer to explain our findings and discuss solutions to any problems with a live picture. In this manner, you are involved in the process and can understand everything that is being charted. Knowledge is power and we want every patient to be a part of the solutions that are chosen.

We present your treatment options.

I present several solutions or several options for treating any particular problem.  This approach allows me to accommodate patients who have particular desires.  With every choice, I present the patient with the risks and benefits.  The patient is given all the tools to make an informed decision.  We plan a treatment together and if there is a need to phase treatment, then we discuss any limitations so the patient has a time-line to follow without compromising their health.

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