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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Houston, TX

We welcome children.

Little ones are welcome at our office.  We have many amenities to keep them feeling safe and comfortable.  Starting with our gentle staff, all of whom have families of their own. Our playful hygienist finds every means to entertain and distract our youngest patients as she accomplishes her dental care, all while they wiggle and squirm.

Dr. Suki encourages children to feel comfortable and confident in the dental chair.

Dr. Suki was blessed with a patient comportment that allows her to comfort a child and engage them in their own treatment.  She considers them little adults who need some introduction to our noisy instruments as well as some extra effort and compassion.  Most children will develop a confidence and trust that leads to smooth treatment.  And at the end of their appointments they are allowed to visit the ‘toy chest’ and pick out a treat!

We work with pediatric dentistry specialists when necessary.

For the few pediatric patients who are so uncooperative that they would benefit from some sedatives, we have a good relationship with several pediatric dentists in our area and we are glad to send these children to be treated in a specialty setting.

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