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Dentures Houston, TX

Dentures have come a long way!

For those unfortunate people who have lost their teeth, dentures are the only solution. The good news is that the technology and precision in fabricating these prostheses has come a long way.  Not only are the acrylics and machinery much improved, but the advent of CAD-CAM technology has been a game changer.  This is where a computer reads the jaw shape from an imprint of the mouth, and fabricates an extremely precise fitting denture.  This is especially useful for dentures that are supported by implants.  Note that if you have some of your teeth remaining, a removable partial denture may be an option.

We will customize your denture to achieve the best fit possible.

The procedure for fabricating a denture will take a few appointments, as each step has to be accurately performed so that the end result is a comfortable and well fitting prosthesis.

We will guide you through this transition.

Dr. Suki always lets the patient know at the start of the procedure, what to expect from their denture.  Patients with a good foundation of jaw bone will have an easier time adjusting than someone who has lost much of their supporting bone.  We are here to guide you through all of it.  You are never alone in this transition.

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