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Insurance & Dental Benefits

At your fist appointment, you can present the paperwork that you filled out off of our website, or we will have you fill it out in our lovely reception area. The staff will verify insurance benefits on your behalf. We accept most non-HMO insurances.

We understand how complex insurance can be for someone outside of our profession and we will take the time to help guide you in this process. We do our utmost to maximize your insurance benefits, and Dr. Suki has repeatedly gone to bat for her patients in order to get them the benefits that they are entitled to.

Please know that we try our best to give you an ‘ESTIMATE’ of the insurance coverage but, if you have ever dealt with insurance companies, you know that there is a lot of ‘fine print’ in various policies with a myriad of exclusions and exceptions etc. Our staff is highly experienced in navigating that maze and we will make sure that you get the proper dental coverage. In the case that there is a balance on your account after insurance pays on your dental claims, we will bill you according to our financial arrangement with you. Some patients will provide a credit card to be put ‘on file’ and others will provide that by phone.

We are a ‘Green’ office and we appreciate any automated method of payment that would decrease paper waste and minimize our ‘ecologic footprint’.


Nothing gives me more pleasure than to make it possible for a patient to afford great dental care! This is why I keep searching for ways to make payments affordable for anyone who cares to get the best dentistry money can buy.

  1. We offer ‘Care Credit’ which is a credit card dedicated to health expenses. We can assist you in applying for credit and in understanding the various programs that they offer. Some are short term loans and some are longer term with varying conditions and finance charges.
  2. There are other forms of financing that we can tailor to your particular situation once we establish your credit. Our experienced staff can help you with this.
  3. Since our practice is comprised of many un-insured individuals, I decided that there had to be a way for us to help people receive the quality dentistry that I love to offer patients of all walks of life.

Along come QDP a ‘membership’ program that allows us to offer a discount to anyone who buys into this great program. The cost of this membership is $299 per year and $249 for each additional family member.

QDP entitles you to:

  • Two oral exams per year
  • Two healthy cleanings per year
  • Any necessary Xrays with those two exams
  • Home bleaching professional custom tray kit
  • Discounted dental treatment up to 15%
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