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Lumineers Houston, TX

Thanks to advanced training and technology, Dr. Suki has multiple options available for creating smiles that her patients love. These cosmetic options include ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers, composites (white fillings), and which option is right for you depends upon your specific treatment goals.

Where do Lumineers fit in?

Lumineers can be considered as a subtype of porcelain veneers. If you look at cosmetic procedures from the standpoint of how much tooth structure we need to remove, all-ceramic crowns require the most removal, porcelain veneers require less removal, and Lumineers require no removal. Understand, however, that the less tooth structure we remove (which is always our goal), the more limited our options are for changing the look of the teeth. Thus, Lumineers are used in cases where only a very small change to the teeth is needed.

How are Lumineers different from porcelain veneers?

You can think of Lumineers as less-invasive porcelain veneers. The two are similar in that we are bonding a thin layer of porcelain on top of the teeth, but with Lumineers there is minimal drilling.

What will happen at my appointments for Lumineers?

If after consultation with Dr. Suki the decision is made to move ahead with Lumineers, we can often times take molds of your teeth and bite records that same visit. We send the data to the laboratory where they fabricate the Lumineers; when you return for your second visit, we place the finished Lumineers on your teeth.

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