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Sleep apnea

Anti-Snoring Mouth Appliances Houston, TX

There are multiple ways to treat snoring, and one approach is with mouth appliances (oral appliances). But before you start using any type of anti-snoring device, it’s important to see your physician or dentist to help determine whether or not you have a condition called Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea is generally characterized by the patient having multiple instances throughout the night where they stop breathing for a period of time.

Depending upon the severity of the sleep apnea, the level of danger associated with this condition can vary, which is why you need to be evaluated by a professional before starting any treatment. One of the most commonly recognizable treatments for sleep-apnea related snoring is what’s called a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure), and while this approach can work very well, the mask patients wear with the machine can be cumbersome. As we discuss in this post, patients with less severe cases of sleep apnea may have successful treatment without the need for a CPAP machine, and instead can use an anti-snoring mouth appliance.

Two Types of Anti-Snoring Mouth Appliances

Anti-snoring mouth devices generally work by limiting vibration in the mouth, which when left alone, can lead to snoring sounds. There are two general mouth treatments available for snoring:

  1. TRDs (Tongue Retaining Devices) which work by holding the tongue in place and
  2. MADs (Mandibular advancement devices) which work by moving the lower jaw (the mandible) forward.

As you might imagine there are also advantages and disadvantages for both of the above approaches, and we detail them in our page specifically about dental appliances for snoring.

Which approach is best for me?

Dr. Suki has extensive training and education in evaluating and treating sleep apnea and will help determine which approach is best for you. Several factors are taken into consideration including presence of missing teeth, night-time grinding, tongue size, patient tolerance and sleep position. We will work together to choose the most suitable device for each situation.

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