Six-Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles LogoHow are Six-Month Braces different than traditional braces?

It is not magic, but rather it is creative science.  It is accomplished with traditional orthodontic treatment, but the majority of the tooth movement is restricted to the front teeth.  The ‘bite’ classification is not changed and this is why it is called ‘Short Term Orthodontics’.  In addition, the technology is so far advanced that we have the luxury of offering ‘clear’ brackets that are glued onto the teeth.  In those brackets we place a ‘tooth-colored wire’.  Adults who have to go about their daily lives without feeling self-conscious, accept much better this combination of clear bracket and tooth-colored wire.

“This procedure has given my staff and I such pleasure
because we love the reaction we get from our patients
when we tell them that they can have straight teeth in
an average of six months!”

Am I a good candidate for six-month braces?

This approach is applicable to so many adults but there are circumstances where we will refer a patient to an orthodontist if there are other complicating factors to consider such as jaw joint disease or a malformed jaw. A perfect example of a good candidate for Six Month Braces, is someone who has had braces as a child but did not wear their retainers as prescribed.  Now they have had relapse of some crowding but do not want to go through comprehensive orthodontics again.  It’s an ideal scenario for six-month smiles!