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Dental Exams

Comprehensive Exam Houston, TX

We provide a detailed exam.

Whether you have a particular concern or you need to establish a new dental home for yourself and your family, we will advise a detailed exam and this includes:

  • Complete set of digital x-rays
  • Detailed charting of existing dental restorations
  • Documentation of any dental disease
  • Periodontal or gum and bone assessment
  • Oral cancer screening of the head and neck area
  • Intra-oral photos
  • Documentation of any active dental disease

We involve our patients in the decision-making process.

Many, if not most patients, appreciate an explanation of the findings that we accumulate during this one-on-one exam.  Some patients work in the medical field, others are in a technical profession and there are those who are detail oriented or visual in their thought process.  They like knowing and seeing with their own eyes, what their mouths really look like.  We use X-rays and Intra-oral photos to show our patients any areas of concern.  This allows the patient to decide on the level of care they desire.

We will present the ideal treatment plan for you.

My style is to present ideal treatment to every patient.  If there needs to be a modification to this plan for whatever reason, I will give alternative approaches and I will thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of each approach.  It is very important that the patient is an active participant in his or her own care. If there are urgent matters, you will be encouraged to prioritize those.

A comprehensive exam evaluates the teeth, gums and oral structures but it is also an opportunity to uncover some underlying medical issues. 

In my 20-year career, I am thankful to have uncovered many medical issues that would have otherwise gone undetected.  And if you have kept up with the news, you will have run across articles about the connection between the mouth and general health.  Dental disease can affect the body in dangerous ways.  The oral cavity is a balance of good and bad bacteria.  When the balance tips, it becomes a source of infection throughout our systems.  Not only is the mouth in proximity to the brain, but there are anatomic channels to the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. As dentists, we are often the first line of defense.  A thorough oral exam is a must and we keep up this level of care throughout your time with us.

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