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QDP In-House Savings Plan

In an effort to make Dr. Suki’s excellent dental care affordable to everyone, we adopted a ‘membership’ plan whereby anyone who is uninsured or is out of insurance, can buy into this plan.
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How QDP Works

  • You pay a flat fee of $299.00 for the first family member and $249.00 for the next member.
  • This qualifies you for 2 yearly doctor exams.
  • Two healthy cleanings and necessary Xrays with those two cleanings.
  • Teeth whitening trays and gel that are custom made for you.
  • 15% discount on most dental treatment with the exception of complex reconstruction and implant dentistry.

There is no third party to deal with and no yearly ‘maximum’. It is strictly an agreement between the patient and our office.

The program has been a win-win for everyone. We get to preform beautiful dentistry on patients who want that level of care and you get to experience private dental care at a cost you can work into your budget.

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