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Financial Policies

As a small business, we strive to have excellent customer service. As a courtesy, we file insurance on your behalf, and we only collect from you the ‘ESTIMATED’ portion according to your employer’s chosen insurance plan.

As an example:

  • You have a procedure done at our office that costs $250.
  • Insurance told us that this service is covered at 80%.  80% x $250 = $200 is expected from insurance.
  • 20% or $50 is what patient pays at appointment.
  • Insurance ends up paying us 80% of their “allowable” fee of $195, or $156.  This is the plan the employer chose.
  • You paid $50, Insurance paid $156, Fee is $250.  You are billed for: $250-$156-$50= $44

Of course, at the time of appointment, we will not know what the “allowable” amount is. We only try to ‘estimate’ per industry standards.

I hope this example clarifies how insurance works. It is a complicated topic which involves many hours between our wonderful staff and your insurance carrier, as we try very hard to maximize your benefits!!

We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discover, personal check and cash. The ‘New Patient Packet’ will have an option for placing a credit card ‘on file’ with our office. This information is securely stored electronically. Many patients prefer for us to charge outstanding balances on a credit card and mail them a receipt. If you prefer to be billed, we will gladly mail you an invoice payable upon receipt.

We also have a ‘bank draft’ option which will add a nominal fee to the transaction.

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