Laser Dentistry

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The Benefits of a Laser

There are varying lasers in the medical/dental field for different purposes.  Lasers have many wavelengths that accomplish many surgical procedures.  The beauty of a laser ‘cut’ as compares to a traditional scalpel ‘cut’ into soft tissue, is that the healing is superior and post-operative pain is significantly reduced.  Lasers also accomplish sterilization of a wound while they ‘cut’ and have a bioregenerative effect.  A surgeon’s dream!

How is a laser used in dentistry?

In dentistry, the most common laser is the ‘Diode Laser’.  This is one that can contour and sculpt an irregular gum line for esthetic enhancement, it can remove excess tissue around a tooth prior to placing a crown and in some instances it can also remove chronically inflamed tissue where there is gum disease.  In addition, we are often able to shorten the duration of a ‘Canker Sore’ by using the laser with no anesthetic necessary.

Can all dentists use lasers?

Utilizing a laser in the dental field requires special training and certification for the safe use of this specialized device.  We are experienced in the proper handling and effective application of lasers.