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Digital X-rays

Digital X-Rays Houston, TX

We use the most advanced X-ray technology

Our X-rays are all digital in nature.  We use wired sensors to snap our radiographs. The images are then stored into your electronic medical file.  With your approval, these images can be electronically shared with any specialists. Digital radiography has been around for many years but the recent advances in technology have allowed for much crisper, clearer detail to the images.  The ability to enhance the X-ray with various settings is helpful as well.

Digital X-rays mean reduced radiation exposure for our patients.

All this while we have the benefit of much reduced radiation exposure to patients as compared to the older system of processed analogue X-rays.  Our X-ray sensors require one-third the radiation of those older systems. And, you will find that the radiation exposure in dental x-rays does not even compare to that used in medicine.  In fact, a full set of digital dental X-rays is equivalent to only 30 days of background radiation from the sun.

We always use a lead shield.

Since the day I graduated my residency in 1990 and entered into private practice, I have been enforcing the use of a ‘Thyroid Shield’ in addition to the ‘Lead Shield’.  This is the portion of that heavy metal robe that we drape on you before an X-ray is taken, and it sits on your neck to cover the Thyroid gland.  This is important for people of all ages and especially for developing young patients.  In fact, I hope that there is a push to use these in hospitals during mammograms and other head/neck imaging.

We use radiographs cautiously with pregnant patients.

We will always inquire if a female patient is pregnant and in that case we evaluate the necessity of any radiation.  We may also, speak to the obstetrician in cases where it is medically necessary to treat a pregnant patient.

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